We Solve Vinyl Wrap Issues


We are constantly receiving more and more enquiries from people who have DREADED VINYL WRAP KITCHENS that are peeling and falling apart and these people are desperate to remedy their situation.

Unfortunately, Vinyl Wrap Kitchens cannot be repaired or re wrapped. The only way to fix a peeling vinyl wrap kitchen is to completely strip all surfaces and remove all of the glue from the MDF. The good news is that after stripping and resurfacing with 2 pac it will look like a brand new kitchen.

Kitchen resurfacing is not just limited to doors and drawers. Not only can Kitchen Cabinets be resurfaced, but Splash-Backs and Tiles can all be successfully given a new lease on life with this technique.

Contact us today if you would like a free consultation and a solution to your peeling vinyl wrap kitchen doors and drawers.