Kitchen Resurfacing


Home owners now have a high quality, inexpensive alternative to replacement at their fingertips.  Known as Resurfacing, this is an option that allows homeowners to keep their existing kitchen bench-tops intact while updating the finish to bring your kitchen into the 21st Century.  This is in total contrast to traditional kitchen renovations which can involve weeks of mess and inconvenience, the kitchen bench-tops are simply sprayed with a high tech coating system to produce a brand new look and a new durable work surface within a matter of hours. By choosing to resurface your kitchen rather than replace their bench-tops you will save yourself thousands.

By resurfacing the kitchen bench-top homeowners can add value and appeal to their property without needing to spend a fortune.  A professionally resurfaced kitchen bench-top will look and feel like a brand new one, and will be durable enough to last for many years, given the proper care.  Resurfaced kitchen bench-tops will actually be much easier to clean than the original bench-tops, since the coating system completely seals the surface to produce a tough, stain-resistant finish.  Chipped or damaged kitchen bench-tops can also be repaired prior to resurfacing.   Homeowners will find that kitchen bench-top resurfacing is a far more budget-friendly option than a traditional renovation and can produce savings of up to 70% when compared to the cost of replacement.

Kitchen resurfacing  is not just limited to bench-tops though.  Not only can Kitchen Cabinets be resurfaced, but Splash-Backs and Tiles can all be successfully given a new lease on life with this technique.